Due to many unexpected yet amazing developments this past few months I have not been as active as planned this year. However during that time, I think I have finally found my niche as a provider and researcher which is combining Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Physiology to orthopedic populations and vice versa. These areas are viewed as dichotomous to each other yet in reality they should definitely be integrated. Especially considering that heart disease and pulmonary diseases are the #1 and #3 cause for mortality in the USA. Additionally other providers frequently ask me questions regarding this and I feel that is due to the lack of a large enough voice talking about these issues.  Therefore the direction of this blog will be to focus attention on those areas, as well as provide therapists and rehab professionals content related to areas I find interesting and and those which there aren’t many resources. This will include resources for lab values, medications, cardiopulmonary diagnostics, early mobility guidelines, considerations for OP ortho providers as well as other topics. There are too many good blogs that cover ortho, manual therapy  and sports; here are a few of the best ones

 http://snyderphysicaltherapy.com/ http://www.mikereinold.com/  http://chrisjohnsonpt.com/  http://scotmorrison.com/

But there just aren’t any good ones that cover cardiopulmonary areas and acute care. Let’s change that.

Have a good week.


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