Stop telling people their rotated hips are causing their pain, seriously, stop it.

Worth Reading! #AntiToxin

The Logic of Rehab

I could not think of a better title for this article that did not involve profanity. That being said, I want to take a few paragraphs of your time and discuss an often stated, unfounded explanation given to patients as a cause of their pain. The narrative of a rotated hip joint (ilium on sacrum) causing some type of dysfunction is completely unfounded in the literature. I am going to argue this from three points that will hopefully give the reader an understanding of why this narrative is wrong, and potentially harmful to patients.

  • The ilium and sacrum do not move on a perceptible level
  • The special tests we have with which to determine movement likely rely on pareidolia
  • Words have a lasting meaning of patient’s perception of their situation

Moving joints

Continuing education classes and even prominent textbooks utilized in rehabilitation focused schools teach that rotated innominates, nutation, and…

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