This summer I am working on developing brief videos (5-6min) which will offer summaries on current evidence regarding topics related to rehabilitation as well as reviews on new publications as they come out. The working title is “Rehab Reviews”. The goal will be to cover the full spectrum of rehabilitation. Therefore, I will also be reaching out to experts for reviews on topics that escape my area of expertise.

Many clinicians have both limited access to journals and time to read them. I feel this platform will improve access to evidence while also making it more consumable. Please feel free to share with your colleagues and to comment or message me with topics you would like to have discussed.

These videos will remain publicly accessible through our YouTube Channel  “PTReviewer” and free of cost. Each video post will also include an outline, a link to the pubmed search link and references for those who wish to read further. More details will be coming in the next few weeks. This should be a lot of fun! Together let’s ‪#‎solvePT‬!!!

On Bridging “The Gap”

the gap

In my PhD studies the concept of the “knowledge gap” is often discussed which essentially means that there are limitations in our understanding of the human body and that what is known is often ineffectively translated into clinical practice (let alone the public). I feel that the latter problem is the more pressing issue and rather complex. Many clinicians don’t consume research often or effective enough, this could be due to a lot of reasons including: interest, access and time cost. Additionally, this may be due to the rather insular method of dissemination of research findings and manuscript publication. Scientific journals are written for other scientists in their given field, which is likely due to the fact that manuscripts are reviewed for publication by fellow researchers who also consume journal articles most often. This is playing to the audience in a certain sense. As a clinician, an emerging academic/researcher, I wonder what needs to be done to address this issue. What are some issues that you all have encountered as clinicians or researchers or students and how do we address this issue? Please feel free to comment and share!