20 unpopular opinions… a guest blog by Lars Avemarie

” No 10 – Health professionals talk a lot about the quality of care and making healthcare better for the future. However, you don’t increase quality by saying “yes” all the time and being overly positive towards every type of treatment, part of getting higher quality care is by saying NO to low-quality treatments”


The Sports Physio

So I’m pleased to give you another belter of a guest blog, this time from a good friend of mine who is a walking, talking pain science encyclopaedia. Lars is a man after my own heart as he isn’t afraid to question and challenge many things, including me, and this can at times make him unpopular. As someone who isalso unpopular for many things, mostly my views on shitty manual therapy and other passive treatments, I’m glad Lars has done this blog on his most unpopular opinions as they are mostly mine as well. So without further ado, it’s over to Lars…


I hold many science-based opinions, but most of them are unpopular because they go against the old dogmatic views that are within the pain management and physiotherapy profession.

As noted by Barradell 2017 physiotherapy (like other industries) has a tendency to be tied to specific ways of seeing…

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